Introducing Badaboom

Putting the power of creating a world-class brand in the hands of the many.

May 22, 2021
Putting the power of creating a world-class brand in the hands of the many.

I'm an outsider to the world of fashion.

I come from technology, where I spent the better part of the last decade helping manufacturers understand their production floor in real-time.

Being at the ground level of these brands' operations during this time exposed me to rapid changes in the ways they operated.

The last decade saw a new generation of consumers rapidly defining novel ways they want to interact with brands they resonate with: from retail to web, mobile, social. Ecommerce answered the call, allowing brands to quickly build a storefront and sell directly to consumers, turning traditional distribution on its head.

My co-founder Assaf Raviv's pioneering brand, pq Eyewear, was on the bleeding edge of these trends, testing the market with new modalities such as 3D printing and augmented reality. His 30 years of experience building private label brands exposed him to a simple truth: amazing ideas happen in an instant, bringing them to life is the hard part.

The status quo

Despite the rapid increase of brands and the digital tools available to run them, the mechanisms of how brands source and develop their products have stayed rooted in the past:

  • Finding reliable, high-quality suppliers is difficult, requiring going to trade shows or testing various suppliers on Alibaba.
  • Developing product is incredibly inefficient with months of travel and back-and-forth over email to suppliers.
  • Ordering product comes with a lack of transparency, with hidden commissions and little knowledge on the true cost of your product.

The pandemic exacerbated all these issues, turning thousands of samples into thousands of PDFs, as brands and suppliers moved their process completely online.

Buyers and creators are used to this status quo. But as an outsider looking in, the opportunity to bring speed, ease and transparency to this process became crystal clear.


Today, we are introducing brands to Badaboom, a modern way to bring high-quality private label products to market in seconds.

We have a mission to put the power of creating a world-class brand in the hands of the many. This starts with the Badaboom platform, which takes on the heavy lifting of finding high-quality suppliers and curating on-trend products so buyers and creators can focus on what they do best: building game-changing brands.

How it works

  1. Complete a questionnaire defining your brand and your target customer.
  2. Within seconds, Badaboom automatically presents relevant products from multiple suppliers to match your unique needs.
  3. You build your collection, selecting styles, colors, and adding custom details.
  4. Place an order and receive updates in real-time as we manage the logistics from order placement to quality control to delivery.

Here's why we're different

We combined technology with our team's expertise to create a platform that drives better results for buyers and creators. Badaboom gives you instant, data-driven recommendations on products that match your brand and customer needs, taking into consideration trends, commerciality, and price among other things.

Your search for high-quality, reliable suppliers ends now. We scour the globe for you to find top suppliers and vet each one on quality, on-time delivery, innovation, sustainable and ethical practices, and social responsibility.

No more endless email back-and-forth. As our team manages your order from placement through quality control and delivery, you can monitor real-time progress with an intuitive dashboard.

Finally, our team of experts who have developed product and managed logistics for world-class brands like Warby Parker, Levi's and MVMT become an extension of your team.

We are Badaboom, and we are so excited to see the beautiful brands we will build with you all.