How Badaboom Vets and Selects World-Class Suppliers

Cindy Tian, GM of Badaboom APAC, outlines our method of vetting and selecting world-class suppliers for our customers.

April 22, 2021
Cindy Tian, GM of Badaboom APAC, outlines our method of vetting and selecting world-class suppliers for our customers.

Where and who you source your products from has a direct impact on your brand. It defines the quality of your product, the reliability of your service, and most importantly the perception of your brand.

A prime example of this is Everlane, the modern essentials brand that gained popularity for their model of radical transparency. Their approach, which exposed to consumers which factories their clothes were produced in and the associated materials, labor, and shipping costs, captivated millennials who were looking for openness and pro-social operations.

How We're Changing The Denim Industry | Ethical Fashion | Everlane - YouTube

Finding quality, social-minded suppliers is not an easy task. The options available to you are Google, Alibaba, and trade shows if you can afford the money and time to travel to them.

In my experience sourcing from hundreds of factories and operating my own, these options do not provide the transparency into their operations necessary to understand their output or ethics. At Badaboom, we do the legwork for our customers, delivering them vetted, world-class suppliers so our customers can focus on their product and brand.

Each supplier undergoes third-party audits by organizations such as Amfori, UL or Intertek, as well as an in-person audit by the Badaboom team. I want to share with you the criteria we look at when selecting suppliers for Badaboom:

  1. Execution Quality & Speed
  2. Communication
  3. Sustainability & Social Responsibility
  4. Innovation

Execution Quality & Speed

Our process starts with testing the supplier’s production quality and speed of execution. 

We request hundreds of samples to evaluate the quality of their product, looking at the material, finish, craftsmanship, and overall attention to detail. 

If we are satisfied with the samples, we run a minimum of three test orders with the supplier on our own. These orders are meant to test their execution throughout the order lifecycle, from technical drawings to prototypes to final production with various materials, styles, and shapes.

At this stage, we are evaluating quality by monitoring their adherence to the tolerances specified on their drawings. We also focus on their execution: accuracy of lead time, on-time delivery, level of in-process quality control, and yield.


During the order process, we closely monitor the suppliers’ communication skills. The faster and more clearly a supplier communicates with us, the better we are able to serve our customers. 

Our standards are high:

  • Response Time: We expect an average 24 hour response time from our suppliers on issues.
  • Track and Trace: Every product, sample and order is traceable and our suppliers work with our tools to reduce mistakes and increase efficiency.
  • Urgency with Exceptions: Suppliers are expected to immediately notify us of exceptions (i.e. delays, production errors) and provide us solutions with an updated ETA.

Sustainability & Social Responsibility

It’s incredibly important to us and our customers that our suppliers emphasize sustainability and social responsibility in their products and their operations.

As part of our evaluation, suppliers must demonstrate production capabilities with sustainable materials. This includes using recycled materials and implementing methods that reduce and re-capture waste during production.

When undergoing third-party audits of suppliers, suppliers must receive an A grade for key indicators such as:

  • Ethical Business Behavior: Suppliers must not participate in any unethical business behavior such as document falsification, fraud, misrepresentation or corruption.
  • Workers Protection and Occupational Health and Safety: Suppliers have to demonstrate a capacity of detecting, assessing, avoiding and responding to potential threats to workers’ health and safety.
  • No Child or Bonded Labor: We make sure that there is no forced or under-age labor through both a personal walkthrough of the factories as well as third-party audits.
  • Protection of the Environment: Suppliers must have policies and procedures in place to minimize negative impact on the environment and make positive contributions to long-term development.

Any violations in the above performance areas will result in immediate removal of the supplier from the platform.


Customers of Badaboom want to add the latest trends to their collection as soon as they hit the market. Subsequently, they expect to see these trends on Badaboom as soon as possible.

We focus on working with suppliers that are actively designing and creating new styles and innovative technologies on at least a monthly or quarterly basis. They must have a design team internally that responds to market trends and proactively produces new concepts to match our customers’ needs.

Finding suppliers that show excellence in each of these criteria is Badaboom’s promise to our customers. If you would like to learn more about our suppliers, or selection process, reach out to us at